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Wendy Allen, PhD., MFT has been working as a clinical therapist for 30 years. She is an expert in many areas and has a strong speciality in Marriage and Couples Therapy.

Wendy Allen MFT Santa Barbara

"I love to do this work. I really believe 'Happy Marriages Are Possible'. I will work with you on one marriage issue or to pull your marriage back from the brink, if need be. I will fight for your marriage until one of you looks me in the eye and tells me to stop."

– Wendy Allen

Fast-paced, No-nonsense Therapy

Relational Living Therapy is all about knowing yourself and what you can change and bring to the table. Both partners will have work to do. This is an innovative, cutting-edge model that can bring you into a radically new kind of relationship as you and your partner work towards a fierce intimacy.

I do Relational Living Therapy as developed by Terry Real, MSW. I know that in your relationship to the different sides of you and in your relationship to your partner, you can see your strengths and weakness with a unique clarity. I will help each of you see this, to show you the interactive patterns you are in that are non-productive, i.e. or damaging things more, and how to change them. In my work, both partners are probably “off” in the way they behave, react, and think about a problem. I work closely with the partner who is the “most” off. In my direct and incisive way I address what I see and the negative impact this has on yourself, the marriage, and the family. All of this is the “ecosystem” of you and your marriage. The bad news is these “bad” behaviors have been reverberating throughout the ecosystem for a long time. The good news is I can help you fix this. I work with both partners on what they need to change, inside and out, and exactly how to do this.

I join with each of you through what I see and hear. I am your biggest cheerleader. I am most gratified when each of you can change and your relationship gets better. When both partners are open and willing to take risks, that is do something completely, different, this work can be brief, finishing in just three months.

“We had one session in Boston with Terry Real. He recommended Wendy to us and after a lot of work, I proposed to my wife in Wendy’s office!” 

-J&B, Pismo Beach

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