Personal Development Coaching & Marriage Coaching



When we have finished our work, you leave this office believing that we have hit a home run, what would be different?

In Relational Living Therapy, the coaching part is teaching and championing each of you to learn new relational skills. This goes on within the therapy sessions. I have hand-outs for each and suggest that you practice and use them throughout your life.

Coaching is a dynamic process of discovery, growth, and development. Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client that enables the client to focus on her/his concerns, quests, challenges, foundational values and personal interests. The client uses regular contact with the coach to take action to attract and create what they most want in their lives, careers, and organizations.

Coaching helps you live with intention, which allows you to make conscious choices rather than being a slave to "random" events.

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I will help you:

  • Discover what you really want personally

  • Develop a strategy to get your wishes to actualized goals

  • Remove obstacles and self-imposed limitations that hinder your dreams

  • Discover your deepest passions and the things that bring you joy

  • Integrate personal and professional life

  • Find choices where none seem to exist

  • Come home to your "self"

I can help you when you need:

Clarity amidst a number of conflicting options

  • A specific action plan for achieving an otherwise "vague" goal

  • An objective, informed, and committed partner who will keep you on a successful track

  • An active listener who will ask the right questions and offer insightful feedback