I have been in private practice for 35 years. I am very well trained and very experienced. I work with anyone who comes into my office, no matter their problem. I have developed expertise in many areas over the years. My fee per in-office session is $135.00/hr to $165.00/hr.

 Couples and Marriage Therapy


My Therapy Program: Two-hour sessions once per week for three months.

I have studied every aspect of marriage therapy--from pre-marital therapy to co-parenting for divorced parents. This is a huge scope along a single spectrum of couples therapies and coaching. Currently, I am most interested in helping marriages stay together, using divorce-busting techniques. I also can work with only one partner and help them improve the marriage with solo efforts. 

In my office the relationship is the "patient" and each partner is a contributor to this "bank." The type of "deposits" made directly impact the well-being of the "bank." The defensive, confused, and resentful deposits hurt my "patient". Consistent acts of FIERCE INTIMACY: honesty, vulnerability, compassion, “adulting,” and connection  make my "patient" healthier. Much of this work depends upon the individual changes and growth each contributor is willing to do in my office.

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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing for trauma and profound change

EMDR is a power-therapy. It can be done in a few sessions and help you reverse the distorted aspects of unresolved trauma, anxiety, addictions, OCD, and many other personal struggles. 

EMDR acts as  re-wiring of the brain. This re-programming is necessary to heal and correct the way the brain has tried for years to adapt and compensate for trauma or strangulating disorders that keep you stuck. This “stuckness” causes distorted thinking, feelings, and reactive behaviors. Brief and intensive healing is possible! 

I will be glad to send you more information about EMDR and how it works.

 Depression and Anxiety

Are You Depressed?

Depression is an epidemic in our culture. No matter how you choose to treat it-- medications or with alternative treatments--talking and trauma therapy highly increase your chances for management and recovery.



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 Affair Repair Therapy

There are four stages of recovery from affairs. I work with honesty and compassionate accountability. I will bring you and your partner through the stages of affair recovery from revelation, grieving, honest communication, and behavioral changes,If you choose to stay together, you will use this work to establish a new kind of intimacy.

 "Our work with Wendy helped put our marriage back together. We thought we were headed for divorce but we saw a better option — changing our own behaviors and our attitudes. She shone a very clear spotlight on our marriage and got us out of behaviors that were damaging it.”

– Ivana and Demetri N.

"We came to see Wendy for a marriage tune-up. We got that and much more. She is so funny and smart. We worked hard and laughed a lot.”

– Mario and Selena M.

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